TCCA T-Shirts!

Make a donation and receive a TCCA T-Shirt!

We will place T-Shirt orders in batches. The initial T-Shirt order will be placed after our October meeting, so please get your orders in at or before that meeting!

Your donation of $26.00 will entitle you to one TCCA T-Shirt in the sizes listed below. There is a cash/check discount available ($25.00 each) if you use the TCCA T-shirts order form and submit it in person at a meeting.

Sizes Available:

Adult 2XL $26.00 USD
Adult XL $26.00 USD
Adult Large $26.00 USD
Adult Medium $26.00 USD
Adult Small $26.00 USD
Children’s Large $26.00 USD
Children’s Medium $26.00 USD
Children’s Small $26.00 USD

Thank you for supporting the TCCA!