Standing Committees

Standing Committees – effective August 2014

Membership Committee
Chaired by the Recording Secretary
The Membership Committee is charged with encouraging attendance and participation of member associations and soliciting membership of non-member associations. The committee, in conjunction with the Treasurer, shall maintain an accurate list of all member associations in good standing, their delegates, and their contact information. Through review of the attendance records kept by the Recording Secretary, the committee shall contact those member associations that have not had a delegate in attendance at the regular meetings.

Growth Committee
Chaired by the First Vice President
The Growth Committee is charged with taking concrete steps to foster the creation of new civic associations throughout the city and providing meaningful support to existing associations to help them become more effective and consequential in achieving their particular objectives. Furthermore, the committee is charged with informing the Membership Committee of these new entities and their contacts to attempt to solicit their participation in the TCCA.

Outreach Committee
Chaired by the Corresponding Secretary
The Outreach Committee is charged with presenting the TCCA and its activities to the community through maintaining a website, social media pages, advertising, and maintaining an email distribution list. The committee shall post meeting agendas and announcements to the website in the appropriate time frame as outlined elsewhere in these bylaws and shall post meeting minutes within 21 days of a meeting being held.

Civic & Government Relations Committee
Chaired by the President
The Civic and Government Relations Committee is charged with establishing lines of communication with various government entities at municipal, county, state, and federal levels and to assist civic associations to promote voter registration and participation in elections. The committee chair shall appoint committee members to liaison positions to interface with different parts of government, including but not limited to:

  • City Council Relations
  • City Hall Relations (one position, or by department)
  • Police Relations

Planning & Events Committee
Chaired by the Second Vice President
The Planning and Events Committee is charged with the responsibility of planning and overseeing all events held by the TCCA. The committee shall propose a schedule of activities, objectives, and measurable goals for the upcoming 6 month period. The committee shall report at each regular meeting any changes or amendments made to the schedule. Within the committee shall be subcommittees established for each special event including, but not limited to:

  • The Hosting subcommittee
  • The Special Events subcommittee
  • The Awards subcommittee
  • The Program subcommittee

Budget Committee
Chaired by the Treasurer
The Budget Committee shall prepare and present an annual budget for the TCCA to the membership in sufficient time for review and discussion at the TCCA’s regular September meeting. As part of that presentation the committee shall include the proposed and actual spending by category for the previous three years.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Chaired by appointment: Bernard McMullan
The Constitution & Bylaws Committee shall review the existing Constitution and Bylaws and shall propose amendments as needed to meet the needs and circumstances of TCCA. The Chairperson of this Committee shall also serve as Parliamentarian for the TCCA and shall rule on all questions of parliamentary procedure.