[TCCA Membership] Information on PSE&G Meter Replacement and Putting meters outside the front of your house

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Wed Jul 12 16:36:35 EDT 2017

TCCA Members,


The notice left by PSEG regarding the gas line work and gas meter
replacement being done across Trenton is attached. This clearly states they
will be putting meters outside our houses. 


We contacted PSE&G regarding their moving of meters to outside our house as
the incoming gas line currently goes under our front porch right next to our
walkway into the house. The picture below shows one of the new meter
installations and there is no way this is getting to sit at the front of our
house next to our walkway.


Luckily homeowners have a good degree of freedom in the situation of the new
meters. PSE&G are happy to work with individual homeowners to create the
best possible solution.


The reason for the meter replacement is that the main gas line pressure is
significantly increasing and the meters all need to be replaced in order to
handle higher pressure input and a normal pressure feed into the house.
There are two aspects to meter replacement - the meter itself gets replaced
and there is a pressure release valve as well in case the meter fails. In
the picture below, the pressure release can be seen to the left of the


Most of us do not want meters external to our houses and right next to our
walkways - which is where our gas line currently comes into the house - or
in any highly visible location which ruins the visual lines of the house.


The PSE&G people came over, reviewed the situation in our basement, and came
up with a series of options. They are very happy to work with each home
owner and find the best solution.


You can still have the meter inside the house, but if you do, there needs to
be a pressure release which is vented outside the house and above the "snow"
line - at least 14" (I believe) above ground. This probably means having an
extension pipe looping up above the snow line for the venting. This is also
pretty ugly..


We found out, however, that we can move the location of the gas line coming
into our house and they will bring the line in at a new location which
allows us to have the gas meter and vent outside the house but in a location
which is hidden by bushes and well away from our main entranceway.


The current plan, as it was relayed to me by the PSE&G people, was that the
Cadwalader Heights neighborhood will be going through the meter replacement
process in a month or so. In order to explore with PSE&G the options you
have for meter placement and whether it should be inside or outside the
house, please call the PSE&G Job Supervisor at 973-390-2429 or the dedicated
Trenton District voicemail and leave a message 609-421-8018. 


The current schedule across the city is posted on the PSEG web site for
Trenton at: https://www.pseg.com/family/pseandg/gsmp/trenton.jsp




Ray Ingram

Cadwalader Heights

TCCA Corresponding Secretary


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