[TCCA Membership] West District Citizens Police Advisory Council (CPAC) - Thursday, 4/27 at 6pm

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Tue Apr 25 11:14:36 EDT 2017

Good Morning,


This Thursday, April 27, is the West District CPAC (Citizens Police Advisory
Council) meeting.  If you have not previously met our new West/North
community affairs officer, please come to the meeting so that you can meet
Det. Veal and introduce her to your neighborhood.



Meeting Location:            West District Police Station

                                            Hermitage and Artisan Streets


Time:                                   6 - 7:30pm



Suggested Agenda


1. Introductions

2. General update by Det. Veal

3. Discussion on Video Security Options - for your house and for your

3. Neighborhood issues and actions

4. Any upcoming events people would like to highlight



If you want to add anything into the agenda, please let me know and I will
add it in.



All the best,


Ray Ingram

West District CPAC Co-Chair



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