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All members of the Trenton Council of Civic Associations are to contribute a nominal fee to maintain membership in good standing.  As of 2014, the annual dues are $25.00 per Member / Member Civic Organization.

Notices of dues will be issued in the fall of the preceding year as per the bylaws. Dues shall be payable on or before the first (1st) day of January for that calendar year. Any Civic Association whose dues are not paid by March 21st will be deemed an association-not-in-good-standing.  Civic Associations which have lost their membership standing due to non-payment of dues shall be assessed a late fee of 1/2 the annual dues. Twenty one (21) calendar days after payment of dues and the late fee, the Member Civic Association will be reinstated as a full member of the TCCA and their membership shall be included in determining the basis for quorum at meetings.

The $25.00 dues for 2015 can be paid at a meeting by check or money order, or mailed in with the completed 2016 Membership Application

We now accept dues via PayPal, but to offset the processing cost, there is a $1 surcharge, so paying via PayPal you will be charged $26.00 for the 2016 Calendar Year.  After March 21st, according to the bylaws, the dues cost goes up by 50%, so please make your dues payment in a timely fashion!

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