Meeting Schedule

Meeting are held on the second Thursday of each month with the exception of December.  Meetings are open to the public and are typically held at Thomas Edison State College at 109 W State Street, Trenton. Meeting notifications are sent out through our email distribution list and are shown on our calendar to the right.

Executive Board Meetings are scheduled independently each month.  These meetings are also open to the public and will appear on the calendar, but notice is sent out only to the board members.

Meeting agendas are posted prior to meetings on this website as well as emailed through the email distribution list. After completion of meetings, the agendas are replaced with the meeting minutes (once prepared by the Recording Secretary).

2014 September Meeting


General Membership Meeting
September 11, 2014
At Thomas Edison State College, Trenton

Convened at: 7:30 p.m.

A moment of silence was observed in commeration of Sep 11, 2001.

The following Civic Associations were present: Ardmore Ave, Rutherford Heights, Cadwalader Place, Fisher Pl, Cadwalader Heights, Franklin Park, Hiltonia, Euclid Ave, Melrose Ave, Louis Josephson Apts times two, Trenton United Parents.

Minutes were tabled as copies were not available.

Treasurers Report: We have a total of $7678.29 in all accounts.

No Treasurer currently exits and no report was made. The bank account at Investors Bank is being moved to TD Bank.

Police Director Ernest Parrey was the speaker for the evening. HE discussed Community policing, the MyBlock program, school resource officers, PAL, the Police Explorers program and the Citizens Police Academy. He seemed to be very well received.

Committee Reports:

Membership: Brian has been in contact with Mill Hill and they are considering being active again.

Growth: Humboldt Ave wants to start a group. There is also a group that meets at Champions Bar that may be an assn.

Outreach: Ed went to the stakeholders meeting. He has been in contact with individuals in Trenton Old Town area, who may become active again.

Govt Relations: Recent items from Council, indicated people do not feel safe going to evening meetings. The residency ord is tabled until Oct. A best effort will still be made to hire city residents for tech and director level jobs.
Sep 2014 Minutes cont:

Planning and Events: Plaques are on hand for 3 of 5 2013 honorees. It has since been determined the plaques were presented by Mr Hunt. He will also be paying for the Presidents Awards.
This year’s dinner will be at Amici Milano. 200 tickets will be available. Each assn is asked to sell at least two tickets. The MC will be Patricia Hall. Ad info is in an email sent by Elise. Banquet info will be included in the TCCA article in the Times. Brian will reach out to the Mayor for his bio and get him the details of the event.

Budget: TCCA has not had a budget since 2007. Patrick will put one together for the Oct meeting.

Constitution and By Laws: No Report

New Business:

T Shirt order form is available. We should wear them to events we attend as a TCCA rep.


Hiltonia: 30 Sep the Dir of Public Works will be speaking at their meeting.
The City Sr Bldgs will be holding a Sr Summit on 24 Sep at Grace Community Church at 3pm
NCAA will be holding their 44th annual dinner.
Hiltonia is hosting a Halloween party on Oct 25 from 11-1.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Next meeting: Oct 9, 2014.

Elizabeth M Yull, Recording Secretary

2014 August Meeting


General Membership Meeting
14 August 2014
At Thomas Edison State College, Trenton
Convened at: 7:24 p.m.

No official minutes were kept for the July 2014 meeting as the Recording Secretary had resigned and no one was appointed to keep official minutes for the meeting. A copy of an email submitted by Brian Viehland will be considered the meeting summary for July 2014.

The following Civic Associations were present: Rutherford Heights, Cadwalader Place, Fisher Pl, Cadwalader Heights, Franklin Park, Chambersburg, West Ward Neighborhood Assn, Hiltonia, Euclid Ave, Villa Park, Melrose Ave, Island, James J Abbott Apts, Louis Josephson Apts times two,

Speakers presented as follow:

Det Cynthia Hargis and Mary Melendez were present from the TPD. Det Hargis covers N and W and Det Melendez E and S for community policing. Will attend our meetings and are generally always available to take citizen concerns. They also attend neighborhood meetings.

No Treasurer currently exits and no report was made.

President Hunt announced the $500.00 deposit to the hotel had been returned and deposited. He also said three $100.00 ads have been received for the banquet program.

The Banquet Committee reported we are looking at 14 Nov at the Masonic Temple. They will be charging us $1455 for rent. We will need to get insurance, rent our own dishes, etc and own catering. It will be a BYOB affair. Currently the projected cost per person is $45.00.

President Hunt announced the following are the honorees for 2014:

Civic Assn Project: Melrose Ave
Citizen of Year: Mr McCray of the West Ward Comm Ctr
Business of Yr: Investors Bank
Public Employee of Year: Det Hargis
Student of Year: TBA

There were also several Presidents Awards announced.

Old Business:

Approval of the By Laws as submitted in July. President Hunt declared this an illegal action and refused to allow a vote…

Special Election: President Hunt declared this also would not happen, but as it had been voted on and agreed to by a majority of the associations in July the election was conducted. Ballots had been prepared by the individuals desiring to run for office. Mr. Blakely of Josephson Apts agreed to act as official election monitor. Mr. Duncan Harrison, City Council member at Large counted the votes.

The following were elected:

President: Brian Viehland
1st VP: Rachel Cogsville-Latimer
2nd VP: Chester Jones
Recording Sec; Elizabeth Yull
Corresponding Sec: Ed Wittmann
Treasurer: Patrick Hall

Upon the rendering of the results of the election Mr. Hunt took his leave.

Following the Election newly elected President Viehland took over conduct of the meeting.

At this time the By Law changes were introduced. Moved by Ed Wittmann, seconded by Chester Jones and passed.

President Viehland announced appointments for various committees.

Budget: Patrick Hall
Membership: Elizabeth Yull
Special Events: Chester Jones
Outreach to Assn: Ed Wittmann
Civic and Govt Relations: Brian Viehland

New Business:

David Brown asked if a speaker could come to a future meeting to discuss the Landlord/Tenant ord. All agreed this was a good idea.

Ms. Cogsville presented the TCCA T Shirt and announced a fundraising activity. She will be sending out an order form. Shirts are $20.00 and available in multiple sizes.

Patrick Hall said we need to market our organization to include youth in the community.

The Web site needs work. Ed will be on top of this.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Next meeting: Sept 11, 2014.
Meeting was adjourned 8:50 pm

Elizabeth M Yull

Elizabeth M Yull, Recording Secretary