Island Civic Association

President: Bernard McMullan
Number of homes on the Island: 205
Number of active members: 30-35
Trenton, N.J.
Geographic Boundaries:

Island Civic Association coordinates

The Island neighborhood is located in Trenton, New Jersey between Riverside Drive and Stacey Park and is aptly named because it used to be an actual island cut off from the rest of Trenton by the Trenton Water Power canal. However, after a major flood in 1955, the decision was made to fill in the canal and create Route 29. The area was first developed as a residential area in the early 1900s. Initial residences were summer cottages for wealthy families seeking to escape downtown Trenton’s summer heat, but eventually year-round homes were built throughout the 1920s.

The area is strictly a residential zone, consisting of approximately 205 single family residences on the island, along with three apartment complexes. The island is the only neighborhood in Mercer County that has direct access to the Delaware River. Prior to 1955, a ferry operated between the top of the Island to Rotary Island  in the middle of Delaware River transporting boy scout troops to a camp.

Goals: Today, the association continues to work towards improving the quality of life for those on the island, as well as providing other opportunities for  civic engagement. Over the next year, the association plans to revitalize numerous traditional sponsored events, including picnics, yard sales, and river activities. The Association has sponsored several garden tours, which consist of 15-20 gardens that residents make available to visitors while also being able to take in the views of the beautiful Delaware River.

The Island Civic Association is an active participant in the Trenton Council of Civic Associations.