Chambersburg Civic Association

Leadership: Looking for new leadership

TCCA delegates: none directly associated

Current Membership: The association is currently on hiatus and only has its president and occasional delegates as its current members.

History of Chambersburg:

Located in Trenton, Mercer County, Chambersburg was historically known as the “Italian section” of the city in the 20th century. Originally named after founder Robert Chamber, the current neighborhood of approximately 500 homes began as an independent municipality from 1872-1888, during which it was incorporated as a borough of Hamilton Township and then later as the Borough of Chambersburg in 1874 by the New Jersey Legislature. It was not until May 1, 1888 that Chambersburg was annexed to Trenton.

For many years the streets of Chambersburg were lined with Italian restaurants, butchers, grocery stores and bakeries. Now in recent years, Chambersburg’s Latino population has grown with Guatemalan, Ecuadorian and Costa Rican residents opening local businesses.

People not familiar with Trenton will recognize the area in renowned author Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series which takes place in “The Burg”, tours around areas covered in the book are available and can be found at

Despite this new wave of change, many Italian remnants of the community remain. Our Lady of the Angel’s Italian National parish still has masses in Italian at 11 am every Sunday. Other points of interest in the area include St. Francis Medical enter, Columbus Park and Immaculate Conception Church.

The Chambersburg Neighborhood Association also took part in this year’s Taste Trenton, a restaurant crawl in which the newly changed community showcased its delectable new South and Central American restaurants as well as the traditional Italian venues in the area. More information including eateries that participated in the event can be found at

Goals of the Association:

Unfortunately over the past couple of years, the Chambersburg Neighborhood Association has reduced in membership but it is now in search of new leadership to recover from its temporary hiatus and revitalize the association.

Chambersburg Map: