2015 June Meeting

MINUTES        General Membership Meeting

June 11, 2015   at Thomas Edison State College, Trenton

President Brian Viehland called the meeting to order at: 7:00 p.m.

Representatives from the following were present: Hiltonia Association, Island Civic Assoc, Melrose Avenue CA, Fisher Place, CA, Fathers and Men, NIA, and Trenton Police Department, Trenton City Hall, NJDEP

Copies of Agenda were distributed.  A lack of quorum prevented approval, but the meeting proceeded for purposes of discussion.

A moment of silence was observed for Juan Martinez, the Recording Secretary, who passed away on June 26th.

A Presentation was made by the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 431 (meets at the YMCA on Pennington Ave) about scouting and the need for additional signups to keep this troop afloat.  The members present vowed to sponsor the next three boys who sign up in the amount of $75 each to cover the cost of their annual dues.  Information was provided via email and distributed to the membership.

The Honorable Mayor Eric E Jackson assisted in the presentation of a Taste Trenton award to Casa Lupita for ‘Best Décor’ and ‘Best Service’ (tied).

Committee Reports:


Rec. Sec’y / Membership Committee

Previous Meeting Minutes were presented, but lack of quorum prevented acceptance

Membership Standings – Cooper’s Crossings and Bond Street CA have joined the TCCA.

Corr. Sec’y / Outreach Committee

Communications – no communications to report

Treasurer’s Report / Budget Committee presented the report, but lack of quorum prevented acceptance

2nd VP Report / Planning & Events Committee presented the upcoming events and asked for assistance:

            June 27th – 5pm-10pm ‘United We Ball’ Sporting Event at Cadwalader Park

Fall 2015 Banquet – volunteers, venues, dates, and award nominations

1st VP Report / Growth Committee – nothing to report at this time

President’s Report / Civic & Gov’t Relations Committee – nothing to report at this time

Old Business:

A report on Taste Trenton was reviewed and discussion was begun on the distribution of the proceeds.

New Business:

A Presentation was made by Armando Alfanso of the NJDEP about possible uses of ‘Green’ funds and grants to make improvements throughout the city on both typical and atypical city features.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.