Trent Center West

Trent Center West Neighborhood Association

Membership numbers: 50 members, representing approximately 400 residents
Association President: Mr. Lieutenant Finney (609)638-6388.

About the Trent Center:

Trent center is an affordable senior living complex near the transit center in Trenton, NJ.  The pair of high-rise buildings include 508 modernized, energy-efficient apartments. Additionally, Project Freedom is a residence for handicapped adults built on the property in 2010, which provides 52 housing spaces specifically designed to accommodate persons with physical disabilities.

At the Trent Center, there is an on-site baking facility, library, laundry facilities, religious services, ample parking, a beauty salon, a convenience store, arts and crafts programs, a computer center, plenty of transportation, and so much more!
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Mission and Goals: To improve the quality of life at Trent Center by creating activities and a culture where everyone can feel safe and welcome to enjoy life together as neighbors. With new management at the facility, we recently started a Ladies Fitness Club and a daycare center which has created jobs and childcare opportunities for many of our residents and their families. Apartments are currently going through kitchen and bathroom renovations, and once they’re done we expect our neighborhood association to grow!


Goals: To increase interest in the association so more activities can be planned for.
One of our future plans is to work with The College of New Jersey to start a beginner’s computer club where students can help residents learn more about computers. We hope to start guided tours around some of the beautiful historical sites nearby, like the State Courthouse.trentcenter2

  • All of the Neighborhood Associations in the Trenton Council of Civic Associations are currently working together to gather more members and better represent the interests of each and every family and individual living in the City of Trenton. There has never been a better time to get involved.

Meeting Schedule:

The Trent Center West Neighborhood Association meets on the first Thursday of every month. Meetings begin at 6pm, and end at 7 or 8 pm.

Contact Mr. Finney, Trent Center West President, at (609) 638-6388