Melrose Avenue Civic Association


Chester Jones
Founder and President of the Melrose Civic Avenue Association; 2nd Vice President of TCCA Trenton; Treasurer of the Villa Parks Association; Founder and Owner of Your Green Neighbor

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Villa Park is a neighborhood in Trenton, close to the Chambersburg area, with houses dating back to the 1940s. The Villa Park used to be a racetrack, leading to the name of the area. The Melrose Avenue Civic Association, created in 2013 by Chester Jones, was the first experimental association within the larger Villa Park association. Melrose Avenue is now a template for all of the other association branches created out of Villa Parks.

The association is located between Liberty Street and Hamilton Avenue along Melrose Avenue. There are approximately 90 homes in the association with approximately 325 residents

Past Accomplishments

-Block Parties: For two years in a row, Melrose Ave has hosted two block parties.

-National Night Out: Held the 1st Tuesday in August, Villa Park. The National Night Out is a  nationwide event used to get residents to come out and get to know their local law enforcement.

-Annual Movie Night in the Park: Held from June through August.

-Classic Movie Nights: Held in September. These classic movies are shown for the adults, while      Movie Nights in the Park are more family oriented.


Our number one goal is to get the community involved! It is very important that the residents in the community get involved and connect with each other. Working together will benefit not only the community as a whole, but it will better your own lives here on Melrose Ave.

“We don’t want the crime in this city to dictate how we live. If we see someone doing what they shouldn’t be, then we should be the ones to kick them out.” -Chester Jones

Current Issues

City Parking Ordinance: We are trying to push residents to get parking permits for their vehicles in order to regulate the amount of parking on the street.

Vacant Property Issues/Ordinance: We want to bring in good businesses and have developers come and build to increase the property value in the whole area.

If you would like to get involved, Chester Jones hosts meetings in his home the last Thursday of every month. Look for the newsletter in your mailbox for more information!