2015 May Meeting


General Membership Meeting
April 9, 2015
At Thomas Edison State College, Trenton
Convened at: 7:02 p.m.

Meeting Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions
Adoption of Agenda
Collection of Dues and Membership Forms

The following Civic Associations were present: Hiltonia Association, Island Civic Assoc, Cadwalader Place, Cadwalader Heights, and Trenton Police Department Copies of Agenda were distributed. A lack of quorum prevented approval, but the meeting proceeded for purposes of discussion.
Committee Reports:
Rec. Sec’y / Membership Committee
Previous Meeting Minutes from April were presented, but lack of quorum prevented acceptance
Membership Standings – no changes to report
Corr. Sec’y / Outreach Committee
Communications – communications to report
Treasurer’s Report / Budget Committee presented the report, but lack of quorum prevented acceptance
2nd VP Report / Planning & Events Committee presented the upcoming events and asked for assistance:
May 15th – 2pm-5pm: Chambersburg area cleanup in preparation for Taste Trenton
May 16th – 11am-8pm: Taste Trenton event
May 16th – 8pm-12am: Drink Trenton pub crawl (unaffiliated w/ TCCA)
June 27th – 5pm-10pm ‘United We Ball’ Sporting Event at Cadwalader Park
Fall 2015 Banquet – volunteers, venues, dates, and award nominations
1st VP Report / Growth Committee – nothing to report at this time
President’s Report / Civic & Gov’t Relations Committee – nothing to report at this time

Old Business: At this meeting it was reported that the TCNJ staff and students involved in writing articles profiling the community interest of civil groups had completed their work and that they were uploading them to the TCCA website.
New Business: None

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.