Neighborhood Improvement Association

NIA (Neighborhood Improvement Association)

President name: Octavia Sutphin, 888-958-5954 ext.101,

The Neighborhood Improvement Association (also known as NIA) was formed in 2003 by President Octavia Sutphin and the first Vice President Lisa McMorris.  They formed the organization to revitalize Rutherford Avenue in Trenton, through stimulating economic growth and empowering its residents.  Working with the city of Trenton, NIA initiated a plan for a designated revitalization area.

The Rutherford Avenue area has been troubled by high unemployment rates, dilapidated buildings, and criminal activity.  There are 25 buildings and three vacant properties on the avenue.

Since 2005, NIA planted 17 beautification trees, built a community garden where food that was grown was given to the community, and demolished two buildings that were falling apart.

In 2012, Trenton’s Annual Harvest Fest, a two-day event which featured, food, vending, and traditional carnival attractions.


Goals of the Association: NIA wants to continue the focus on declaring Rutherford Ave a designated revitalization area.  The group has gone through many challenges including replanting trees vandals destroyed.

NIA wants to also continue their efforts towards economic development, empowering youth by helping them with educational opportunities and employment in the city.

The primary goal for NIA is to reclaim their neighborhood and change the realities of life for the residents of Trenton.