Cadwalader Heights Civic Association



Current Membership: 40 Households

Leadership: President – Ray Ingram, , 609-462-2933; Randy Baum, , 609-695-4297

“We are artists, writers, builders, ministers, designers, information technology professionals, business owners, accountants, teachers, realtors, curators, veterans, community activists, and more.” – Randy Baum, Cadwalader Heights Civic Association President.

History: Cadwalader Heights, located in Trenton NJ, was established in the early 1900s and was named after the Cadwalader family whose estate included today’s current neighborhood. Dr. Thomas Cadwalader was the first mayor in Trenton (1746-1750) and his son, Lambert, was an officer in the Continental Army. In 1776, Lambert Cadwalader acquired a 250-acre farmstead that stretched from the Delaware River to Pennington Avenue and included land that is now part of Cadwalader Heights. In 1890, Lambert and his brother decided to develop a portion of their land. They collaborated with Edmund Hill, a real estate developer and Trenton’s leading civic booster, and Frederick Law Olmstead, the country’s foremost landscape architect.

Olmstead completed his preliminary design for Cadwalader Heights in February 1891. He planned to add half-acre building lots and the first house was constructed in 1907. Most homes in Cadwalader Heights were built from 1907 through the 1930s.  Currently, there are approximately 70 homes in the area and one church in the neighborhood called the Cadwalader-Asbury United Methodist Church, previously known as the Cadwalader Heights Methodist Episcopal Church, built in 1915.

Cadwalader Park, one of Cadwalader Heights’ major landmarks, is the oldest park in Trenton and was built in 1887 and designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who most notably designed Central Park in New York City. At approximately 100 acres of land, Cadwalader Park is an area where families walk dogs, ride bicycles and have picnics. Within the park, the Ellarslie Trenton City Museum can be found. This museum, originally known as the Ellarslie Mansion, was owned by Henry McCall who worked with the Cadwalader family. It was renovated in 1889 and again in 1971. The Cadwalader homestead on West State Street, known as Greenwood, was a late-eighteenth century farmhouse rebuilt as a grand Second Empire home in 1872. Greenwood stood as a landmark in Trenton until it was taken down in the 1930s. The Cadwaladers’ late-nineteenth century tenant house still stands on Carteret Avenue.

A current part of civic pride for the area is the Cadwalader Heights Historic House Tour where approximately ten houses are chosen to be presented to visitors from around the area. Homeowners spend a large part of the year preparing and polishing their homes for public viewing. The Ellarslie Museum is also included in the tour. It is an exciting event for people from the town as well as those from around the area to come together and build a sense of community within Trenton.

Association’s Mission: As the Cadwalader Heights Civic Association, our purpose is, but not limited to:  “a) being a conduit of information to and from governmental and quasi-governmental groups;  b) providing a rallying point for neighbors:  offering a forum for the exchange of neighborhood and civic concerns of our member residents;  c) being the means of involvement of the neighborhood in such civic affairs as parades, Heritage Days, etc.;  d) hosting various social events, including new neighbors’ parties, holiday parties and informal social time following business meetings;  e) representing our communal voice to the Trenton Council of Civic Associations (TCCA);  f) enhancing the general spirit of community within the neighborhood;  g) preserving and promoting the beauty, integrity, health, historic importance, and general standing of the Cadwalader Heights Community within the city of Trenton; and  h) participating in and supporting the charitable works of Trenton-based nonprofit organizations when approved by the majority of the members.” (Bylaws:  Article 1., Section 2.)

Cadwalader Heights aims to establish and maintain familiarity and communications with the Trenton Police Department as it is strengthening itself under new leadership. It is also maintaining contact with its newer Wards stations.

Cadwalader Heights Current and Future Goals:

  • To maintain our active and successful Cadwalader Heights Crime Watch program, wherein we utilize a phone chain to inform and warn neighbors of what we may have experienced or seen.
  • To continue to produce our annual or bi-annual Historic Cadwalader Heights House Tours.  We’ve been hosting them since 1991 and, over those 25 years, have been able to showcase our community and how good life can be in the oft-maligned city of Trenton.  Our beautiful stock of houses and neighborhood camaraderie have enticed House Tour guests to return year after year and have even enticed two families who have experienced the neighborhood to buy homes here. Through this Tour, we earn operating revenue for our treasury and we have made philanthropic contributions to more than 20 nonprofits in the Greater Trenton Area.
  • To continue membership meetings of and parties for our decades-old and cohesive civic association, and to continue to work with and play with our neighbors, creating and maintaining a familiar and friendly community for all who live here.
  • To be aware and supportive of, and active in, our new mayor’s plans to revitalize downtown Trenton and rehabilitate areas of the city currently in decline.
  • To create and implement new projects for the maintenance and restoration of our own historic neighborhood.

Contributors: Randy Baum, Ray Ingram, Glenn Modica, Linda Schwartz, Erika Knudson and Kelly Ingram

Cadwalader Heights Map: