A Better Way

A Better Way
Current Membership: Unknown
Website: www.abetterwayinc.orghttp://www.abetterwayinc.org
President: Perry Shaw III (pshawiii@abetterwayinc.org)
TCCA delegates: Perry Shaw Jr. (Chief Financial Officer), Celeste Jackson (Program Coordinator, cjackson@abetterwayinc.org), Leah Cohen (Volunteer Management and Communications, lcohen@abetterwayinc.org), Jan Stokes (Outreach Specialist, jstokes@abetterwayinc.org)

History of the Organization:
Trenton was once a booming city, with a healthy economy to support its many residents. In the second half of the 20th century, many of Trenton’s industries relocated, and many individuals left the area in search of alternative employment. This left the city in a state of decline it has not recovered from ever since. For many, “Trenton” is synonymous with crime, murder, and gang violence. But not everyone is quite ready to give up on Trenton, and many organizations/individuals are putting in countless hours to make the city a better place.

“A Better Way” is one such organization, founded by Perry Shaw and his father in 2006. The organization started in Shaw’s living room, where they counseled gang members who wanted to get back on their feet and turn around their lives.

Organization’s Mission and Goals: The primary focus of “A Better Way’s” daily operation is to help gang members, ex-cons, and other members of the community at large who are in need, to lead a more successful life. Shortly after their release from prison, many are unable to adjust to regular life and wind up back in jail. Recidivism is a serious issue not only in Trenton, but also in our nation as a whole. “A Better Way’s” goal is to help individuals in need get back on their feet and provide opportunities for these individuals to lead a prosperous life and stay out of prison. Countless hours are spent counseling and educating those in need and the program keeps growing,. The goal is to expand the program to anyone who is in need and is truly looking for help to break the cycle of poverty that is plaguing lower income families in Trenton.