Franklin Park Northeast Block

Ellie Schuckman, Nick Parr, Patrick Roderman

Franklin Park Northeast Block Neighborhood Association

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President: Jacque Howard (, 609-433-0489)

Additional contacts: Marylinda (232-689-3897), Kevin (609-468-2773), Kathleen (609-610-1097)

Boundaries: Chambers Street, Cedar Lane, Broad Street, Liberty Street


A Brief History:

Formed in the early 1900’s, Franklin Park NE was originally a type of pseudo-suburbia for the industrialization taking place in surrounding communities. It has since grown into a “gateway community,” as it borders the city of Hamilton while still in Trenton. Home to several parks, the neighborhood also has many family-owned stores with locals constantly patronizing them. With a very diverse population, the local stores “meet the palette of the people in the neighborhood.” Franklin Park NE may be one of only neighborhoods in Trenton which has both the state road of Broad Street, and the county road of Chambers running through it, making commutes easy for area residents.

Though the history of Trenton dates back to the early 1700’s, Franklin Park NE has history of its own. The main park in the neighborhood was, unbeknownst to many, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the mind behind Prospect and Central Park in New York City. One of the current parks in the neighborhood used to be an open lake before it was filled in around 1940. Franklin Park as a whole had been owned by Hamilton, not Trenton and was called Goat Hill before it was changed to its current name. Many of the homes still there were built around 1910, yet some have undergone recent construction.

Franklin Park NE Block Civic Association was started as an alternative to the
Franklin Park Civic Association when current president, Jacque Howard, as well as other
founding members were uncomfortable with the direction of the association. From that,
Franklin Park NE was established.


Future Outlook:

As a community in a centralized area, there needs to be a cohesiveness to let those entering know they are coming into the capital city of New Jersey. Currently, there is a disconnect in the community, with a lack of communication between leaders in the neighborhood to organize certain events through the proper channels in the city of Trenton. However, by appointing certain individuals to oversee that jobs get done efficiently, a stronger connection will be made.

Being a “gateway community,” some believe Franklin Park NE, and even Trenton as a whole can be used to test different strategies to help improve other, similar areas. Set bike lanes, and even new pathways can be created to see what impact subtle changes can have. While Franklin Park NE has many local stores bringing in beneficial foot traffic, the heavy traffic leads to unnecessary litter, cluttering the area. Proper litter control with more garbage cans will help cut back on the amount of trash on the streets.

Another community issue is traffic. Instituting better traffic calming measures will mean safer streets. Vehicles must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, and there must be more enforcement of people crossing at the proper intersections. Area leaders also wish to see safe haven areas, with zero-tolerance for crime. Such areas would include all schools and faith centers such as churches, synagogues and mosques, which would all be policed on a regular basis.

Such measures can help change the dynamic of Trenton as a whole, and establish some type of pride for the city while creating a true sense of community.

Our Key Goals:

  • Strengthen community relations
  • Proper litter control
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Make safe-haven areas (schools and faith centers)
  • Better enforcement of existing rules/laws



Trenton Three Sixty Five Show:

Association President Jacque Howard hosts Trenton365, a local radio station designed to serve as a building block for the community. Started in 2014 with a focus on civic engagement, Howard uses the show for the benefit of Franklin Park NE, as well as surrounding area residents.


Check out podcasts from the show here! SoundCloud