Franklin Park Civic Association

Organization Name: Franklin Park Civic Association

Current membership (approximate): 36

President: Ann Carlucci (

TCCA delegate: Ed Wittmann, corresponding secretary of the TCCA Board. (

Franklin Park, Trenton New Jersey
Franklin Park, Trenton, New Jersey. Image from Google.


Franklin Park is a long-established neighborhood in the city of Trenton that has been part of the city since 1914.  Before then, the land was part of Hamilton, and even today, Franklin Park stands on the border of Hamilton. Shaped like a triangle and bounded by Liberty Street, Lalor Street, and Chambers Street, Franklin Park includes homes that are 100 years old or more. More than half of Franklin Park residents own their homes. The area is a diverse and largely working-class neighborhood where residents enjoy many local amenities, both within the neighborhood and nearby. These include restaurants, barbershops, and a number of mom and pop businesses.

Franklin Park itself is the only park within Franklin Park neighborhood. The park is two and six-tenths acres in size, bordered by Franklin, Remsen and Woodland Streets. The land was acquired by the city of Trenton in 1922. It was purchased for $11,000 from businessman Edmund C. Hill, who was one of Trenton’s most prominent citizens at the time. Landscape engineers Black, Burris & Fiske, Inc. made improvements to the land for the cost of $12,359, more than the land itself had cost. Franklin Park became an official part of Trenton’s park system on June 27, 1924.

The park, at one time, featured a lake that had been suitable for swimming, until it was filled in around 1940. St. Bartholomew Lutheran Church now stands where the water once was, at the intersection of S. Clinton Avenue and Lakeside Avenue—Lakeside is a reminder of that past. The church is where the Franklin Park Civic Association now holds its meetings.

Franklin Park map, Trenton New Jersey
Franklin Park, from Google Maps.

Goals of the association:

The purpose of the association is to represent the community, both within its borders and throughout the city of Trenton. The association would like to increase numbers and participation at monthly meetings.  At meetings, combatting low level crime is discussed and administrators help residents address issues outside of their scope by assisting them in connecting them with the proper contact in Trenton administration.