Glen Afton Civic Association

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Organization Name: Glen Afton Civic Association

Current Membership: Unknown


TCCA Delegates: Peter Wagner (Co-President), Paul Mitsis (Co-President), Sheryl Fuller (Co-Vice President), Carol Lysak (Co-Vice President), Mike Lysak (Recording Secretary), Alicia Dougherty (Corresponding Secretary), and Rosa Mercado (Treasurer)


In the West Ward of Trenton sits Glen Afton a neighborhood with strong camaraderie and an understanding of civic duty. Development of Glen Afton began in the 1920’s and was marketed as a comfortable escape from busy city life built mostly on farmland. The initial development of the homes lasted into the late 30s and was reinvigorated with another development boom in the 50’s and 60’s. Paul Mitsis, Co-President of the Glen Afton Civic Association, recalls a time when kids used to enjoy a hot summer’s day swimming in the local canal as well and other lost remnants of the past including, a historic grist mill and long standing elementary school. While these physical connections to the past are gone, Glen Afton’s strong community spirit and friendliness are still deeply tied to the neighborhood as seen through the organization of block parties, book clubs, and neighborhood nights out.


The association is currently working to tackle a variety of problems that disrupt the neighborhood and the city as a whole. Of those problems a major one is dealing with the fallout from previous mismanagement of the city. Mitsis proposes that resolving this starts with increasing public involvement in city government from its low rate of roughly 25 to 30% and from there foster a strong interaction between city and state government. Another issue being addressed in the neighborhood and others within the Trenton area is crime prevention, which is being managed by a neighborhood wide crime watch initiative in which designated liaisons report suspicious.

The association also focuses heavily on the upkeep of abandoned properties within the neighborhood, flood mitigation, and keeping the area beautiful and marketable for potential residents. Lastly and perhaps the most urgent issue is that of Route 29 which divides the neighborhood leaving a small sliver of the community completely cut off from the rest of Glen Afton due to a lack of crosswalks and an weakly enforced speed limit.

Aside from the obstacles it faces, the Glen Afton Civic Association’s board of leaders is optimistic about the future of the neighborhood, calling it cohesive and composed of people that actively fight for the good of their community as well as the good for the city of Trenton.