Trent Center East Tenant Association

Trent Center East Senior Apartments


President: Myra Jones


TCCA delegates: Myra Jones, Allen Grisham

Meetings location: 511 Greenwood Ave, Trenton NJ 08009


Originally a division of the Brothers of Israel, Trent Center East has always been a tenant association. Trent Center East joined the Trenton Council of Civic Associations (TCCA) in 2006.

The East tower was constructed in the early 1960s and consists of 14 floors and 224 apartments. The sister tower, Trent Center West, is a tenant association as well, built in the 1970’s. Trent Center East has always been apartments for senior living, even when under operation from the Brothers of Israel. The high rise is in an ideal, central location that provides easy access to all forms of transportation such as buses, trains, and the Riverline. It is also near Trenton Central High School, adding to its historical context. The historic synagogue built by the Brothers of Israel remains in the middle of the gated property as a symbol of the past. Also within the property is a convenience store that provides easy access to essential needs for most of the elderly residents.

In the past Trent Center East has provided plenty of care for the tenants in the building. The building consists of 16 efficiencies per floor, with the first two floors designated as assisted living. When the building was constructed in the 1960’s, strict fire codes were in place to ensure safety in the event of a fire. This would prove to be useful in the future when a two alarm fire erupted and swept through part of the 9th floor. The construction codes saved the building causing many residents to believe the building was blessed from its time under the control of the Brothers of Israel. Residents have lived exceptional lives – from city workers to a Russian piano player, their stories add to the culture within Trent Center East, making it an ideal neighborhood association.

    Trenton Center East aims to come together with Trenton Center West in order to solve problems within the associations as well as in the community. Like all retirement homes, they aim to have a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for those who live there. In order to improve the wellbeing of their residents, they aim to upgrade and increase the amount of security measures to prevent or discourage crime within the facility.

Trenton Center East has a goal to renovate and refurbish parts of the building and to build a common area for the residents to gather.  Trenton Center East also aims to build and have an operational store within the facility for visitors and residents alike. By working with the managers of the facility, the center will be able to meet all their needs to improve comfort since a place like this should always feel like home to the residents.

The future of Trenton Center East is to make it a safer, cleaner, and much nicer environment for residents to live happy and comfortable lives.