2015 February Executive Board Agenda

Executive Board Meeting – Agenda – February 1, 2015
Held at 119 Kensington Ave, Trenton, NJ

Membership Committee Chair: Juan Martinez
Current member summary (who’s paid so far)
Coopers Crossing HOA Group (Rachel and Brian attended)

Outreach Committee Chair: Ed Whittmann
TCNJ Class interviewing CA’s and producing articles
New Facebook Page is up and has 60+ likes already

Budget Committee Chair: Patrick Hall
501(c)3 Meeting (Brian and Rachel attended)

Planning & Events Committee Chair: Chester Jones
Long Term Activity/Project from recommendations
One Time Event Suggestion: Chambersburg Restaurant Crawl
*11am-3pm on May 16th (Saturday after Mother’s Day, 1 week before Pork Roll Festival)
*Partner with City Dept of H&ED for Promotion and Support
*Min. 6-10 restaurants with short menu of specialty items
*Proceeds would go to a Trenton Charity, preferably in South Ward
*TCCA coordinates parking, tickets/wristbands, map with menus on back, and advertising

Growth Committee Chair: Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer
Support for growth of existing CA’s
Social Events for inter-group community building
Solicit and distribute articles for member CA’s to use in their newsletters
Receive and post CA activities on TCCA ‘shared’ calendar/website

Civic and Government Relations Committee Chair: Brian Viehland
Michelle Gbelama of the NJTL wants to speak at 2/12 meeting
CPAC Community/Police Dialog – rescheduled
Mercer County Reentry Task Force – wants to speak with TCCA but never called
GACA Letter to City and request for support
Trees for Trenton Letter to City and request for support

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Remove Article XII from document?

Next General Meeting: 2/12/15, 7:00 PM at TESC
Next Executive Board Meeting: 3/1/15, 4:00 PM – Location TBA